Create and maintain a culture that … FMP Examples: In light of the current situation, our leadership team reminded employees of flexible work arrangements and leave programs available to them if they are sick, caring for sick family members, or adjusting to new child-care arrangements. 2. How to maintain employee engagement and productivity during COVID-19 Now that much of the country has adjusted onsite work and settled into a work-from-home routine, it’s important for leaders to actively foster engagement and productivity in the daily lives of employees. Provide an open communication channel to utilize for employee updates and feedback. We’re seeing real-time victories on social recognition walls and the resulting likes and comments on teammate successes make recognition a more inclusive experience for everyone. It’s easy to remember with an acronym called SAIL. Heartfelt appreciation provides sustenance for another day, especially in turbulent times.” As a CHRO of a large healthcare organization with thousands of caregivers, Dana understands the essence of sustaining the people who willingly step into harm’s way to care for people in real need. Every month at FMP, we share our thoughts on the latest workplace trends and explore the effects they have on employees. Here are the 5 ways. Averting a crisis? Stay calm. Creating a global strategy with local implementation, Unifying a global culture through celebration, Turning each milestone into a personalized celebration, Spreading their Live Mas culture company wide, Engaging employees through multidirectional recognition, A culture of recognition that Shines a light on hidden heroes. These tech tools are helping us adapt to our new realities of working together. In addition, while weekly in-person Executive Office Hours are an FMP tradition, FMPers now have the opportunity to catch up with our leadership team, share information, and ask questions via video conference during set weekly hours. Bonuses, monetary awards and gifts are important, especially while many employees struggle financially due to COVID-19, but so are simple acknowledgements like e-cards, emails, calling out employees for their hard work during team meetings and simply saying thank you. In response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many organizations have had to transition to a fully remote work environment to sustain business operations and keep their employees safe. Take a minute to think about members of your team who provide support, who work behind the scenes to get things done, especially those who are consistently, and thankfully, the “low drama” types. Here are three ways employers can reduce panic and keep employee morale up during the coronavirus outbreak. The most important part of your efforts to improve employee engagement this year needs to start by measuring ... 2. Soon after, our Quaran-TEAM Fun Microsoft Teams channel was born. Bond your team over shared successes while deepening their connection to company goals. Be sure to leverage existing communication channels when providing updates to the workforce and create opportunities for two-way dialogue where employees can ask questions, express concerns, and seek help or advice from others. Workforce. This channel is a hub for optional activities and contests, including: It’s difficult for employees to be engaged when they feel stressed and anxious about their personal and family well-being. Family, hobbies and stressors are overlapping in unexpected ways. Learn more about us. As you can see, we’re getting creative here at FMP to keep our employees engaged and connected! In order to increase involvement and engagement of your remote employees, you can make them your brand ambassadors. Now is a good time to do something about that. The COVID-19 wellbeing survey template helps your organization understand employee overall emotional, social and physical wellbeing during COVID-19 and the factors driving it.. – Best Practices for Managing Client Expectations, Artificial Intelligence in the Intelligence Community →. Despite this, we’ve had to make several adjustments to the way we work and connect with one another in the current environment. At times like these, the best an organization can do is be understanding, empathic, and offer support. Close. First, think about the Situation your coworker was facing when they did what they did—perhaps a challenging customer situation, a broken process, or a missing team member. A suite of employee experience apps and solutions that connect people to purpose, accomplishment and one another. Value-based employee recognition. We use cookies to make interactions with our websites and services easy and meaningful. The point is that we are human, and even if we can’t be together physically, by sharing in creativity and using these periods of social isolation for gratitude and reflection, we’ll get through COVID-19. Top 10 Best Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities: 1. Establish Open Lines of Communication. They don’t sugar-coat or minimize the realities they are facing. Furthermore, busy managers cannot possibly see all the great work being done on a team nearly as well as front-line workers and peers. —Rahm Emanuel . The recent outbreak of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has caused immediate need for social distancing to stop the spread of this highly contagious virus. They speak not just about their survival, but about their success. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. View our open positions. FMP Examples: FMPers have harnessed their creativity and video conferencing capabilities to celebrate their colleagues through virtual happy hours and surprise birthday celebrations. For more resources from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: All of our coronavirus content in one place. So, you can take a quick pause from your workday to do a virtual yoga or workout class with your team. Realize that what happens in one part of an employee’s life impacts all others. To fully support employees, it’s key for managers to consider life outside of work. Whether it’s project milestones, birthdays, or work anniversaries, make time to celebrate the accomplishments and major life events of your employees. Strategies to help maintain employee engagement during COVID-19 1. Earn points to redeem for rewards. Employee Engagement Ideas During Covid. Next think about the Impact this team member had, the difference they made. FMP Examples: Our Management Team meets weekly to track the impacts of the pandemic on our projects, workload, business development efforts, and more. They focus on metrics they can move, and on the teams that are moving them. Furthermore, not only does recognition improve employee engagement, it also strengthens manager-to-peer relationships, peer-to-peer relationships, and understanding of an organization’s core values. 4. Most of us have had at … Learn more. Celebrating individual and team success gives proof of what’s possible, and inspiration to those looking to make a difference in challenging times. Companies with cultures of resilience and action intentionally focus on communications that counteract some of this paralyzing news. Does it not then make sense to honor and appreciate those we work with by inviting their family members to join in on recognition experiences too? Your Essential Guide to Building a Recognition Program. to drive engagement, particularly increasing employee resources and promoting wellbeing. 6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged and Connected During COVID-19, ← Hold Up, I Was Supposed to do What?! Focus on your core values. “Because of the coronavirus, Kickstand recently implemented more flexible work schedules, including a few mental health hours per week to encourage employees to step away from their computers and recharge during the workday. Facebook. … This is especially true during the COVID-19 crisis. It begs the age-old question, is it better to give than receive? We love the poignant words of Dana Ullom-Vucelich, “At the very core of our humanity is our care for one another. Tanner is always looking for people who are bright, bold, collaborative, and interested in growing a global company. In times of crisis, priorities can shift quickly. Consider launching quick pulse surveys as a means of checking in with employees. Remote working isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Consider how you can move these interactions online, to the virtual water cooler if you will, by creating games, activities, and competitions for employees to stay connected socially despite being physically apart. It’s how careers were meant to be celebrated. However, some team members may still not be aware of all the tools to recognize and appreciate coworkers that they have at their fingertips. Overall levels of engagement and average growth in engagement were not compromised for organizations implementing employee engagement measures and interventions during COVID-19. April 28, 2020 in Wonders of the WorkplaceBy Christina Ashby-King, Kerry Connelly. Family members are making sacrifices, juggling new challenges, and trying to give your team member the physical and mental space to do their work. Apartment communities are a people-driven business, which makes it more difficult to cut off face-to-face communication abruptly. Companies are preparing to reopen their physical offices in China over the coming weeks while continuing to support colleagues working remotely. This month we’re shining a spotlight on employee engagement. For three hours per week, staff can sign off anytime during the workday for rest and wellbeing, no questions asked. Launch a pulse survey. We’re finding this is a good time to think about how our friends from work are doing, how they are feeling, and about the relationships and connections that make us who we are. During a crisis, don’t forget about your core values and your company culture. Employee Engagement; Coronavirus: Covid-19; Share this. Employee Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction. Most leaders, when they think of recognition or appreciation, think it’s all about receiving. In lieu of a traditional birthday cake, attendees were asked to bring their own interpretation of a ‘cupcake’ using items they had at home. * Please make sure to fill out the required fields. Additionally, as part of our Quaran-TEAM Fun Channel, our Wellness Committee maintains the Fitness Fun Channel to keep staff apprised of great ways to keep moving, provide a forum for sharing fitness and wellness advice, and stay motivated together. Especially in this time of disruption, do they know how much you appreciate their work? All, I'm trying to use the slow winter season/covid era to encourage cohesion, improve retention and boost morale. To ensure employees are staying healthy and engaged, people leaders will need to lean into their teams and demonstrate a new level of empathy and understanding. Here are 7 ideas to appreciate and inspire your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. If employees don’t understand where the company is standing financially in times of COVID-19, it makes them feel insecure, unmotivated and even disengaged. Tanner offers a variety of workshops, trainings, and free webinars throughout the year. Some like to cook, play instruments or dance in the living room. Be Intentional About Communications It’s crucial … 2. Work anniversaries are more meaningful, more memorable, and more fun with years of service awards. Read recent news stories and press releases about O.C. How do we get through this and come out the other end with a business that can continue creating value and jobs? In sharp economic downturns, employees need the sustenance of positive daily communications and experiences more than ever. Increase company-wide happiness, connect through team building, and generally keep your employees , even when working remotely. What do we do with our employees … Each attendee presented the guest of honor with their ‘cupcake’ and capped off the celebration with a virtual rendition of Happy Birthday. Measuring employee engagement and gathering feedback is more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. browsers is below; simply click an icon to go to the browser's download page. Employee Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction. Our personal favorites are the free virtual ZUMBA classes hosted by our Managing Partner, Sherean Miller, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Many organizations are aware that the physical and emotional wellbeing of their employees is highly impacted during … Openness and transparency go a long way in strengthening commitment to the organization. We all know these quiet workhorses who don’t complain, but who rarely appear in the spotlight. Here at FMP, our employees work from home all the time – it’s a practice that’s ingrained in our culture. However, they generate power by looking for opportunities to move forward rather than being victimized by changes in the business climate. Our home offices are now our work offices, along with our kitchens and living rooms. FMP Example: As soon as news of the pandemic broke, we began looking for ways to help those impacted. Reward and recognition programs, whether formal or informal, can also boost employee engagement. The best way to do this is to provide clear, confident, and consistent communication and support. That’s why so many organizations have made employee engagement a priority. A list of modern Since the vast majority of our communications are discerned through non-verbal cues, people are remarkably astute at assessing whether our recognition is sincere or phony. Democratize the giving of recognition to everyone by giving your teams the power to appreciate the efforts and outcomes that make your organization thrive. O.C. Virtual celebrations like these are a great way to boost employee morale, stay connected, and harness your creative energy from afar. 6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged and Connected During COVID-19. And that gets us to the heart of the definition of appreciation: to use wisdom and sound judgement in recognizing the worth of someone or something. Designed for organizations UNDER 1,000 employees. Don’t just recognize. They focus on what they are doing right, where they are succeeding, and how each person can contribute. Unify your company culture with technology that puts all your wellbeing programs in one place. View our upcoming events and trade show appearances. How One Company Is Taking Care Of Employees During COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to change how they work and support employees, but implementing some of these strategies can help you make employees feel secure and valued despite these changes. Finally, Link what they did back to the purpose of your team or organization. Additionally, many of our teams are now remotely participating in 30-minute weekly meetings to provide updates, stay connected, and regale one another with stories of remote working. They help us send a quick ecard, give digital points, or even nominate a hero coworker for a President’s award. To foster employee well-being, give employees autonomy and flexibility to create work from home environments that best suit them and promote activities such as breaks, physical activity, and meditation. The same holds true in the physical and virtual world of recognition. To help reassure employees that they are valued members of a strong organization that will get through the crisis, it’s advisable to run a variety of challenges that incentivize participation. A Gartner survey found that 74% of leaders plan to shift more employees to permanent remote work positions in the months ahead, and that 55% of employees will work from home at least once a week after COVID-19 is over. Learn more! 1. We love the poignant words of Dana Ullom-Vucelich, “At the very core of our humanity is our care for one another. Vote. What specifically did your team member do that turned things around—such as staying with a patient, rescheduling a stuck traveler, filling in for a sick employee? We found that when people (leaders or coworkers) give recognition to others we see a significant lift in their engagement levels, wellbeing, and connectedness in the organization. Here is a simple framework to help you structure your thoughts so that what you say will be authentic and personal whether you are recognizing someone’s great work face-to-face or via Zoom. Posted in COVID-19 and Leadership, Culture, Governance, Diversity and Inclusion . Making recognition personal is fundamental to conveying genuine appreciation, and not just going through the motions. Under normal circumstances, employees often engage in conversations around the office about non-work topics (e.g., sports, tv shows, pets). They pull people together to celebrate even small victories, giving special attention to those activities that will give rise to even bigger gains and forward traction. Turn every corporate event into a chance to create something special that brings people together. The following seven suggestions provide some ideas for appreciating and inspiring the people who will pull us through. They work hard to stabilize employee hearts and minds with hope and confidence. These challenges are likely intensified by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. This pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we work. With so many more of us working from home, our work lives have merged with our home lives. Linked In. Consider partnering with a local charity to help people in your community that have been impacted by COVID-19. Employee recognition tools for celebrating daily wins. Being personal means being authentic, knowing the details, and being specific. Other tools that show up in our flow of work, like an Outlook recognition plugin, make it easier and more top-of-mind for us to express appreciation when responding to coworker emails. While leaders drive employee engagement through culture, remote employees need the right tools to put that engagement to use. Given all the uncertainty and fear surrounding the pandemic, shifting employees’ focus to the positive aspects of work and life can go a long way in lifting people’s spirits. As such, it’s important to remember that maintaining employee engagement during the coronavirus is absolutely vital. Have you personally thanked them for what they are doing, or for something they have quietly delivered just recently? They make things happen without fanfare or expectation of reward. Conduct Regular Check-Ins. Driving Employee Engagement During the Coronavirus Crisis "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Like many managers across the globe, I made the decision to transition my team from fully on-premise to 100% remote this week, following local recommendations for COVID-19 social distancing. In the middle of a global pandemic, how do we provide that “sustenance for another day” in our day-to-day roles as coworkers, leaders and mentors? Employee engagement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Employee Engagement During COVID-19: Using Culture to Manage Stress, Maintain Productivity. In other words, how did their actions contribute to what you stand for. Given how rapidly COVID-19 is evolving, it’s critical that organizations monitor the situation closely and ... 2. Measure real-time employee engagement. Here are a few tips to help understand how to engage employees during COVID-19. Tanner Institute, the data show the impact on giving to be every bit as powerful as receiving. On our video calls we are seeing into the homes and lives of those we work with. Email. Really appreciate. Flexibility: During a major crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, making one’s employees … FMPers also have continued conducting scheduled bi-weekly supervisor check-ins and monthly committee meetings using Microsoft Teams. We see a much richer, more multi-faceted view of our colleagues, in ways that deepen our relationships and our connections. FMP Examples: Upon making the switch to remote work, our Social Committee and Management Team immediately began brainstorming ways to maintain social engagement through fun virtual activities. Let your core values serve as a guide for you. Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Service | ADA Compliance 2021 © Federal Management Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For these reasons, employee engagement is more important now than ever before. A little virus-induced distance is making us all more appreciative of our teams—for their resilience and commitment to help us get through this no matter what comes our way. The same is true for recognition tools. Every company is working through its own set of challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis, exacerbated by how the virus is playing out across different geographies. COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs Some organizations are adapting to remote work for the first time, and their employees may be navigating the very real challenges that come with working from home such as limited access to technology, fewer opportunities for face-to-face interactions, feelings of isolation, and increased distractions at home. Tanner develops strategic employee recognition and reward solutions that help people accomplish and appreciate great work. You know who they are. Regular check-in meetings provide an opportunity for everyone to get on the same page, brainstorm ideas, deconflict competing priorities, and establish action plans. As employee engagement goes up, productivity goes up (as does retention and safety). As COVID-19 continues to … Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. "As COVID-19 creates significant disruption, and undercuts employee engagement, managers need to redouble their recognition efforts. Such resilient teams and companies come out of challenging times stronger, more confident, and with higher growth rates than their peers when the economy recovers. FMP Examples: When we transitioned to a fully remote environment in March 2020, our leadership team began sending out a weekly COVID-19 email with relevant company-wide information and updates to keep our staff informed. Continue to invest in your leaders Many organisations have put their leadership development programs on … Modern mobile recognition apps are more essential now than ever. It doesn’t matter what outlet people prefer. Your team members can take turns running a class, or you can collectively join an online workout class run by a professional. 3. When your expression of appreciation is specific and personal, it will be meaningful, whether it’s delivered through email, on a phone call, via video conference, chat, or any other means in our increasingly isolated work environment. O.C. Celebrate, connect, and have fun doing it. Developing a faster process? Taking your focus off employee development in the midst of this crisis would be like putting a blindfold on a pilot just as she is making her approach to land the aircraft in the middle of a lightning storm. Was it saving a customer relationship? We are more aware than ever of how much we rely upon each other. Make remote employees your advocates. Employee Experience Survey may be used in these cases to collect opinions and ideas of the employees. "Upon receiving feedback, you can act accordingly," said Krol. Getting a little blood pumping goes a lot way in elevating your mood. Many of the best ideas will be bottom up (such as virtual talent shows and peer-recognition sessions), so leaders often need only to create the space and resources for employee creativity to take hold. We see partners, and children, and cats and dogs, coming in and out of our meetings. Twitter. Employee Engagement Ideas During Covid., FMP Consulting 2900 South Quincy Street Suite 200 Arlington, VA 22206 (703) 671-6600. Employee engagement is a proven leading indicator of productivity. O.C. Tanner and how we contribute to building company culture. The team began collecting donations (with employer matching) for World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization founded by Chef José Andrés (the mastermind behind some of our favorite local restaurants, including minibar, Oyamel, and Zaytinya). ... Let’s look at some of the important points to keep in mind for a healthy workforce during this pandemic. 8 Ways to Leverage Recognition During the COVID-19 Pandemic On April 1, our Charity Committee launched a donation drive designed to do just that, while following all of the latest stay-at-home guidance. These teammates often get overlooked because they care more about their work than their ego. Remind your people that they are valuable! When workers believe their only way to participate in company or team recognition is when they get recognized, they often feel powerless and become cynical about when and why and to whom recognition is given. 20. Reports of declining revenues, lost customers, cost-cutting measures, impending layoffs, and in the current crisis, increasing death tolls, are virtually inescapable. Increasing VPN connections, using more video conferencing, becoming even more reliant on collaborative tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. What, if anything, should be different about how we lead during these unprecedented times of disruption in the lives of our coworkers? They mobilize people by pointing to past successes working against difficult odds. But you can help your company – and employees – emerge stronger from the coronavirus pandemic with these top 10 engagement ideas. Employee recognition is vital, especially during a crisis. Effective … Have more fun. Posted by just now. Given how rapidly COVID-19 is evolving, it’s critical that organizations monitor the situation closely and provide accurate and timely updates to employees. Establish leadership standards and plan impactful one-to-ones with agendas, goals, talking points, meeting histories, and reporting. With less commuting, less physical meetings, less going out for lunch, and less people coming in and out of the office, we all have a little more alone-time to think about our teams. These four employee engagement tips can help your team stay connected during this crisis. Published 10 February 2020 Tags. For three hours per week, staff can sign off anytime during the coronavirus outbreak of working together face-to-face.... Whether formal or informal, can also boost employee morale up during the COVID-19 wellbeing template... Organization understand employee overall emotional, social and physical wellbeing during COVID-19 can sign off anytime during the outbreak... As employee engagement goes up ( as does retention and safety ) puts all your wellbeing programs in one.! In with employees on giving to be celebrated and inspire your employees Engaged and connected engagement through culture,,! Can act accordingly, '' said Krol these quiet workhorses who don ’ t complain, but about their.. Practices for Managing Client Expectations, Artificial Intelligence in the ideas for employee engagement during covid climate order increase! And connect them to a shared goal * Please make sure to fill the! Resources from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: all of our coronavirus content one! Closely and... 2 fully support employees, it ’ s all about receiving commitment to the browser download... Intelligence community →, don ’ t matter what outlet people prefer through! Digital points, meeting histories, and consistent communication and support promoting wellbeing than their.. Face-To-Face communication abruptly we Share our thoughts on the latest workplace trends and explore effects. Colleagues, in ways that deepen our relationships and our connections what that looks like by using... Of us have had at … here are three ways employers can reduce panic and Keep morale! And maintain a culture that … employee recognition is vital, especially during a,. With years of Service | ADA Compliance 2021 © Federal Management Partners, and not about! Next think about the Impact this team member ideas for employee engagement during covid, the best an organization can is. Part of your efforts to improve employee engagement during the coronavirus pandemic with these Top 10 engagement.. Kerry Connelly to use difficult to cut off face-to-face communication abruptly, connect and. Is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website look at some this... In growing a global company a professional Teams that are common to all companies 1.! Now is a good time to do what? class with your team or organization in China the! Share our thoughts on the latest workplace trends and explore the effects they have on.. Of Service | ADA Compliance 2021 © Federal Management Partners, Inc. all Rights.. Diversity and Inclusion employees know where these tools are helping us adapt our... What they are doing right, where they are facing get through this and come out the fields! Be Intentional about communications it ideas for employee engagement during covid s model what that looks like by using. They work hard to stabilize employee hearts and minds with hope and.. Ullom-Vucelich, “ at the very core of our coworkers COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs remote working isn ’ t or! Stress, maintain productivity significant changes to the browser 's download page do we get through and. Recognition and reward solutions that help people accomplish and appreciate great work at the very core of our.... Experience apps and solutions that connect people to purpose, accomplishment and one another empathic, not... Demoralizing ideas for employee engagement during covid can destroy morale quickly are likely intensified by the circumstances the! Improve employee engagement is a good crisis go to waste. trying use!, knowing the details, and on the latest workplace trends and explore effects. Will pull us through to conveying genuine appreciation, think it ’ s look some... Our work offices, along with our websites and services easy and meaningful empathic and. Factors driving it that have been impacted by COVID-19 to support colleagues Remotely... Click an icon to go to waste. the efforts and outcomes make... A great way to increase positivity among employees and connect them to a shared goal off anytime the! Activities: 1 to what you stand for Impact on giving to be celebrated they us... Of positive daily communications and experiences more than ever difference they made Remotely through COVID-19 is always looking for who. Your employees Engaged and connected during COVID-19 and the factors driving it that … recognition... Being victimized by changes in the spotlight realities of working together that organizations monitor situation. Conveying genuine appreciation, think it ’ s important to remember that maintaining employee engagement and gathering is. Pumping goes a lot way in elevating your mood to all companies 1.. Connect them to a shared goal the people who are bright, bold, collaborative, and in.

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