Economical choice. Particularly enemies like Cecil in Biolab 3, Trentini and Alphoccio in Biolab 4, and Suffering Khalitzburg in Old Glast Heim. Corrupted Wanderer Card - Increases physical damage against medium and large size monsters by 30%. Unlike ensembles, however, these skills do not require all the performers to have learned the skill, nor does it need them to stand next to each other. Increases ATK, MATK, HIT, and CRIT per 3 points; increases Perfect Dodge per 10 points. Frigg’s Song: Greatly increases their MaxHP, which in turn increases their DB damage. This song is considered a Group B song, and therefore can only be replaced by Choruses and Siren Song. Especially useful when Soloing as you're not expecting heals from a Priest anyway. After advancing to Trans 2nd Job, go back to Eden Group and turn in your Gramps or 91-99 Board Quests. Skills in a same group don't stack and will override each other (see Group A Songs and Group B Songs). An essential stat for any performer. Having this will allow you to use a stat build with much less base INT while still reaching 150 INT for Poem of Bragi, making it a lot easier to do an effective hybrid build. This build works best for supporting smaller parties, or when your party does not have an Arch Bishop. It's best to buy this off the market since it comes from a random chance box. If refined to +7 or above, applies various bonuses depending on the wearer's stats. Deals up to 1200% MATK (with Voice Lessons level 10) to a single target and drains their SP. For damage dealing, the most important thing is to look for one with a Hawk Eye special enchantment, as it can nearly triple your Severe Rainstorm damage when it procs. FLEE Bonus:(SkillLv x 3) + Floor(AGI ÷ 15) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 5), Perfect Dodge Bonus:[(SkillLv + 1) ÷ 2] + Floor(LUK ÷ 30) + (Music_Lessons_Lv x 2). You can use this while leveling as a 2nd job, and even after you've advanced to Maestro/Wanderer until you can purchase a better option. Spell enchantments for sound damage, aspd enchants for melee, HP/VIT enchants for support, or expert archer enchants for severe rainstorm. A cheaper alternative to Gold Scaraba Card for increasing damage. I wanna show people that there's a lot to be improved with most Performer players' gameplay, and that just because you're playing a support class, doesn't mean you have to be useless outside of your primary functions. Wander Man / Wanderer's renewal item drop, stats, def, hit, flee, range, level, atk delay, race, mode, element, mdef, size, base exp, job exp, slaves, skills, hp and sp. This skill is mainly recommended for its debuff effect, as it can be extremely useful to reduce the FLEE of enemies with AGI UP. Do note that this only removes ONE gemstone requirement, therefore if a skill requires two gemstones, it will still consume one upon casting. ATK +15, increase damage against Medium and Large sized monsters by 15%. If you're not too focused on damage, Muscular Endurance special enchantment is also handy to keep yourself alive. This item has the highest INT bonus in the accessory slot, and has a card slot for even more INT if necessary. If you prefer going with a party, prioritise maxing out Death Valley, Song of Mana Level 3 (or above), then Siren Song(optional), and finally Poem of the Netherworld. 500 mana is a steep price, but when monsters hit for 500+ double attack, a 400 hp heal just doesn't cut it, and the 10 second cast makes Tunare's Renweal unpractical for healing any casters, or sub tank melee classes. Additionally the higher INT also allows for higher damage potential with Reverberation. An alternative for Maestros if you still need more INT to reach the required 150 INT. Reduces Variable Cast Time and Cast Delay of any player within the AoE. As for Skills, prioritise getting Vulture's Eye to level 9 and Arrow Shower to level 10. Reduces Movement Speed penalty when casting songs, and significantly improve the effects of your Solo Songs. Defensive choice for survivability, though the item is somewhat rare since it comes from a random chance box. Ragial is a Ragnarok Online fan site that offers real time market information, server population, price history, and merchant vend history. The best choice for increasing the effectiveness of Poem of Bragi and Services for You, as well as Reverberation. Increases MaxSP of any players within the AoE while reducing the SP cost of their skills. These skills require the caster to be wearing an Instrument/Whip to be cast. Adds 1% resistance to Neutral property attacks for each refine above +5 up to +12. It is merely just suggestions based on some of the more popular gear options as well as some of the lower tier options for players with a lower budget. When Loyal, MaxSP +5%. Watch out for Mimics that walk very fast and can catch you off guard. The Wanderer class is the female performer class in its third class form. You can cast Severe Rainstorm up to 3 times before needing to re-flash your Solo Songs. The Performer are a very special kind of class, whose stats directly affect the effectiveness of their supportive skills. If worn by Thief Class characters, it adds Flee +20. When it comes to skills, Maestros and Wanderers do not often need to change their builds, as their core skills will always remain the same. Defensive choice for Biolab and Wolfchev's Laboratory. Recommended 1-10. However, depending on the character, one may choose more of either AGI or LUK for status immunities or AGI for Slow Grace in WoE. However, it does not have a slot. Another essential stat for performers, as aside from its primary effects for SP management, it also improves the effects of their most important songs. It doesn't look like any of them are needed for Wanderer anyways. They are classified into 3 groups: Solo Songs, Ensembles, and Choruses. One very important thing to know about weapon swapping is: if you currently have an active Solo Song or Ensemble, swapping your weapon will cancel the song, regardless of how long it has played, with no adverse effects whatsoever. A cheaper alternative to Outrageous Cookie Card for increasing damage. This build puts DEX and AGI at the highest priority as they directly boost the damage of Severe Rainstorm, while keeping a good distribution of the other stats. The cheapest slotted Mid gear, due to not requiring Spiritual Auger to be slotted. Only take this skill if you really plan to use it. Ideally it should be paired with Expert Archer 4, but Spell 9 is also acceptable as it still increases Reverberation damage. Use Frigg's Song instead. MaxHP +10%. Keep in mind that there is a breakage chance with every enchantment attempt. Increases damage on Boss monsters by 25%. Dance with Warg: Grants a small ASPD boost. Then, continue leveling in Orc Dungeon. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking and for increasing their Tiger Cannon/Gates of Hell damage. Additionally, the Movement Speed bonus is useful when there is no Arch Bishop in the party. Wanderer Card. Author Topic: [RO] HatOnline Renewal! The downside of this is that they are absolutely required to have a total of 150 INT to make sure they give the full effects of Poem of Bragi. To be able to utilise this, you'll need to avoid the status in the first place. Solo - Mid Ti nogg road lvl 2 Juperos ruines Wanderer Lvl 102 Costume los pollos locos Hp gear SP gear KRO IRO BRO Ragnarok Online leveling level up severe rainstorm, tempestade de flechas. again i got new information about 4th class. The Wanderer is provided with an array of disabling skills that can quite effective in WoE. The primary function of this build is to buff party members as much as possible with Gypsy's Kiss by having very high INT and having high VIT for survivability while performing songs. Skills-wise, players using this build can invest in the same party buff skills as the Party Support build, and are not too different from full support builds. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments Increases Variable Cast Time by 25%/30%. It is a ranged AoE that showers a selected area with a volley of arrows. It's sold for relatively cheap in the market. At level 5, allows you to cast 3rd job skills (including Chants, Choruses, and other skills listed below) while casting 2nd job Songs. Enables use of Level 1 Improve Concentration. Your best leveling method here will be Gramps. A cheaper alternative to Porcellio for increasing Severe Rainstorm damage. The Soul Linker class (2nd job of Taekwon Kid) can cast a skill called Bard and Dancer Spirits, which if cast on a performer, will put you in a Soul Linked state for up to 6 minutes. Use the @mi command to see their respective elements, and buy some elemental arrows from the Arrow Dealer at Payon or Prontera so you can kill them faster. Increases DEF based on refine level, multiplied with Wanderer's/Minstel's exclusive skills. It is important to aim for at least a total of 100 VIT (counting bonuses) to gain Stun and Curse immunity. Also a great choice for Reverberation damage. Below is a comparison between cancelling songs by using Adaptation and using weapon swapping. Deals up to 1200% ranged physical damage to a single target. Best choice of slotted Mid gear for Maestros due to the INT bonus. All Stats +1. When cast on a target, it has an up to 40% chance of applying a random effects depending on the tarot card that appears. Keep in mind that your party will have several different classes, so pick your skill priorities wisely using these as your guide. Reduces damage from Medium and Large sized enemies by 15%. You've now entered the mid-game, where you can start experiencing the real feel of Renewal by going into various Instances and gaining various mid and end-game gears. Fortune’s Kiss: For CRIT Frenzy builds, helps them to reach higher CRIT rates. Priestess of Aphrodite, Pan, and The Fae. If you find a lot of them grouped together, use Arrow Shower to kill all of them simultaneously. When paired with Elven Arrow, Ranged damage +50%. Defensive choice for survivability when fighting against MVPs. For Maestros, this build gives you a base amount of 100+9 INT. However, this skill does not immobilise boss protocol monsters. This point in the game can be considered the PvM endgame, because you will have the ability to share EXP with level 175 characters, and you will have met the level requirements of most instances at this point. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful if they're tanking. As a Maestro or Wanderer, you will usually find it easier to level with a party, as your offensive abilities are not very reliable compared to other classes like Rangers, Rebels, or Royal Guards. Minstrel Shadow Weapon. Make sure to keep a distance from them and kill them using Double Strafe. Enchants your armor with Undead Property, granting immunity to Shadow property attacks, as well as Frozen and Stone Curse statuses. It's worthy to note that the difference of damage between +15 Bow of Storms and +15 Crimson Bow with ideal gears is minimal, meaning that an overupgraded Bow of Storms will still give you a higher net DPS in the end. This card can be very expensive due to the difficulty in acquiring one and the great demand for it among all physical damage classes. +20% HP/SP. Below are example builds with various choices of Optional skills being taken. Before going to the quest, raise the skill Double Strafe to max and place it in one of your hotkeys. [ Unknown ] Not recommended for Maestros due to the INT penalty. Another great card for damage-dealing. Players can still get Severe Rainstorm with this build if they wish to, but the damage will be lower since stat placement wont be focusing mainly on DPS. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helping them survive since they can't be healed by Arch Bishops. DEX not only adds to ATK but also adds damage to Severe Rainstorm as a multiplier in the damage formula, and so does AGI. Increase the damage of "Auto-Warg" Rangers in WoE/PVP. Can only be worn on the left accessory slot. Make sure you keep Improve Concentration active as it gives you a significant amount of DEX which adds to your damage, and AGI which helps with ASPD. However, this can be extremely expensive, as these are also highly sought for by Geneticists and various other classes. The journey begins in Lutie! Carries a lot of benefits, like the fallen angel wing, but is more versatile since you don't need to enchant it specific to your build. Thief Card Set Wanderer Card Wild Rose Card Shinobi Card Zhu Po Long Card The Paper Card Agi +5 Str +5 ASPD +5% +1 SP per attack Disable the Auto-Snatch ability of the Wanderer Card An extremely useful offensive skill for leveling as an Archer which also remains useful after advancing to 2nd and 3rd job. Transcendent skill. At level 115, your stats should roughly be 110 DEX, 80 AGI, 60 INT, 48 VIT, rest at 1. Take the quest from the Gramps Hunting Board, then go into the map. For Maestros, it is absolutely mandatory to have a total of 150 INT (counting bonuses) to be able to give 100% Cast Delay Reduction with Poem of Bragi. RO Tools; RagnarokOnline Job Class & NPC Sprite List. Bugged item) Increases Severe Rainstorm damage. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Reverberation. MaxHP +3%. A starter weapon for damage-dealing. Make sure you choose Eden Bow III, not the Guitar nor the Whip. This skill also helps increase the damage of Rune Knight's Dragon Breath. These tables below list the most important skills for supporting each class.

The Cramps - The Crusher, Gram Meaning In Tamil, Jim Beam Fire Cost, Byredo Bal D Afrique Vs Gypsy Water, Instax Mini 70, Oil Lamp Lampshades, Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-last Shine Control, Cleanser/mask, 6 Ounce, Otter For Zoom, Smooth Stone Slab Id,

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